Kollaborative Kinsale – how good could it be ?

If you’re reading this, chances are you care about the town of Kinsale and probably have some questions about what it will be like to live here in 2030 if we don’t fix the traffic, find a use (and a sugar daddy) for the decaying Town Hall,, and make it possible for staff in local businesses to afford to live in their own town !

In the last 20+ years I’ve come to believe that Kinsale is not just the gourmet capital, and home of a mad number of Young Scientist award winners, but that we have in our midst, both the people and the resources to create a thriving and sustainable Future Kinsale that the kids will be proud of.

Never has it been easier to start a business, or raise funding for all manner of projects, or get connected, and yet we have done little (OK nothing !) to tackle climate change, the wealth divide, or just the local traffic and waste pollution.

From the birth of the Transition Towns movement in our own back yard, to Strong Towns in the US, to Kinsale scale cooperatives in small welsh towns, and the growth of technology coops in UK, we are surrounded by opportunity

Earlier this year Forbes published one of several articles explaining how the ‘sharing economy’ has only just got going, and how, as communities, we could all gain so much from looking after ourselves and our resources in new and very different ways.

It doesn’t take a young scientist to know there are enough cars owned by Kinsale residents to take you anywhere at any time – but they’re just mostly lying idle in driveways and car parks. We have unused public buildings and spaces, and a bunch of great ideas for their use, but the entrepreneurs, the creators, and the financial experts, aren’t able to come together. We live surrounded by the most perfect land for growing healthy food, but we still buy cheap white bread baked 100 miles away and water in plastic bottles !

So, what if we set up a cooperative that could take ownership of, and manage public assets like the Town Hall, or even the “SuperValu’ car park, for the benefit of the community ? A cooperative where membership is open to all residents. A cooperative where the aim is to be a thriving healthy community, and to share the amazing resources we have – people, money, land, buildings etc – for the benefit of all.

There is a statue in our town of Peter Barry. Arguably the last person to dare to dream about a great future for his Kinsale. And we’ve been benefiting from his legacy for the last 30+ years. Now we probably need to renew the vision for a Future Kinsale, and one which goes beyond just being a ‘gourmet capital’.

So come and join us 6pm Jan 25th 2019 Trident Hotel, and be part of the conversation. We don’t have a town council any more, but we can have a “Town Hall” meeting

Future Kinsale Update

From Alan Clayton – Chair.

1) We now gave 6 core project teams with nominations for “team coordinator”. Right now the ‘team coordinator” needs simply to contact the other names in the group and arrange to meet for a coffee/beer/cocktail/other, and write a 300 word intro to the 1st project this group is going to undertake. We hope each coordinator will make their presentation on 25th at the initial public meeting.
I will do my best to keep an overview of how all this progresses. If you have other nominations or want to contribute and are not on the list, just shout !! (or better still just go ahead and reach out – emails above). I’m sure it’ll be chaotic, but if everyone contributes a little, amazing things will start to happen.
Groups are……
Transport / Infrastructure – Coordinator: Mike Walsh – contributors Liz Creed, Andy Ashford, Malcolm Hall – 1st Project – Edge of Town Coach Park / Shuttle
Environment / Sustainability – Coordinator: Liz Creed – contributors Tara Shine, Madeline Murray (we know Tara is away in Jan)1st Project – Better Waste Management
Art / Culture / Community – Coordinator: Alan Clayton – contributors Adrian Wistreich, John O’Keeffe, Nora Byrne1st Project – Establish a Kinsale Community Cooperative 
Tourism / Heritage – Coordinator: Adrian Wistreich – contributors Darren Burke, Cian Walsh1st Project – One Stop Kinsale database/portal
Digital / Technology – Coordinator: Abe McIntosh (tbc) – contributors Elasnik/Trevor, Voda Anne O’Leary1st Project – Free WiFi Town
Enterprise / Education – Coordinator: Mike O’Connor (tbc) – contributors Fergal McCarthy, Una O’sullivan, Gearoid Wycherley, Gerry Wrixon 1st Project – Business Hub

2) We now plan a PUBLIC MEETING for Jan 25th – see invitation text below – and please share…
Also please click on Future Kinsale facebook page and invite others – this is important.
And finally please check out the linked blog where coordinators can update the community with progress and news of their projects.

3) ASAP and no later than JAN 6th – each group needs to prepare a 3 minute “pitch” to share details of 1st project in your area of focus. The 3 min need to answer the questions..1) Why this project ? 2) What is the project exactly ? and 3) What are the benefits to the community ? 
Please send this text back to me by Jan 6th, so we can publish them and edit them together for Jan 25th.
Easy right !!