As Future Kinsale develops, we will post on this page specific roles we are trying to fill for projects. If you are interested in a particular role, just email to let us know and we’ll put you in touch with the project co-ordinator.

Whether you have expertise in something particular, or are an enthusiastic generalist who would like to volunteer to participate in a project, we would like you to contact us at

In order to understand what you are interested in contributing, and what skills you have which are relevant to projects, please include in your email the following information:

Your name, phone number and email address.
The areas/projects you are most interested in helping with.
Your experience which is relevant to any of the projects you’d like to participate in, eg:
– Financial management, legal, Board memberships, governance, co-operatives
– Technology (eg electric vehicles), programming, digital media
– town planning, traffic management urban development, architecture
– marketing and communications
– education, youth services, elderly services, community programmes
– arts administration, arts infrastructure
– enterprise/business development/mentoring
– sustainability, coast management, energy generation
– administration
– tourism development
– archiving/video/database management