There has been talk of a ‘business hub’ in Kinsale for a few years now. And we know from the recent survey that demand is growing, from residents in the town working for a large company remotely, or running a micro enterprise that doesn’t require a full time office, or starting a brand new venture when you can’t afford an office, or for many other reasons, so we thought we’d show you a few to whet your appetite !

There was also an article in the Indo recently that surveyed some of the best in Ireland.

One of Dublin’s best (pictured above) is the Dogpatch Labs hub in the Docklands run by a Kinsale resident !!

I went to look at few in London this week, which are well beyond what we will start with here, but hey !.. you have to have a vision right ?

Closer to home my own office is a shared space in the Republic of Work hub in South Mall, Cork (above). Bank Of Ireland in Patrick St, Cork has it’s Workbench hub, and Glandore just opened up in Cork City Centre. Why not go visit these places and tell us what you think.

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