The concept is that we develop an additional element to the website for community information. It should form an online and mobile information source whose primary focus is the community, but also with relevance to visitors, coupled with a mobile app allowing interactive experience.  Supported by advertising/sponsorship and including kiosks around town for access while visiting (eg in shops/pubs). The can become a portal for this information, and also as the link to The Kinsale Co-Operative.

Key content areas

Information about the town   Community Visitor
History – an audio-visual presentation X X
Maps and plans of the town X X
Walkways/cycle trails and surrounding area exploration maps X X
What’s on – details on festival programmes, music venue programmes etc X X
Community groups – a page per group to set out their stall/membership etc X  
Phone directory? X  
Inspired by Kinsale projects    
One page per project – outline content and latest developments X  
Local information on schools, churches, doctors etc X  
My Kinsale folder – images, videos, podcasts, text content X X
Booking engines for accommodation and activities   X
Newsletter for Kinsale Community X  
Portal to Kinsale Co-operative X  

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